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Bethanne Patrick, Principal

Photo By Mark Thiessen, National Geographic

Patrick is a PR consultant and media expert. She has always been an enthusiastic and engaged reader of books, so when she started writing about authors and publishing in 1996, she brought her own interest to the stories she told and the writers she interviewed.

In 2001, after years of freelance writing, Patrick joined the team of PAGES Magazine as editor at large.  While at PAGES, Patrick did something few book critics did, she looked beyond the borders of the United States, writing a regular column called “Global View,” focusing on international writers and publishing.

Three years later, in 2004 and long before the digital revolution, Patrick launched the AOL Books Channel, reaching more readers than ever before through the largest web portal in the world and where her book critic channel, “The Book Maven,” was born.

Under “The Book Maven,” Patrick started a blog for Publishers Weekly, became the moderator for Barnes & Noble’s first online book club, “Centerstage,” and began developing “Author, Author,” the first-ever Web-TV show with a book focus.

Patrick is also the creator of FridayReads. FridayReads started when Patrick, who tweets as @JustBethanne,  was home with a broken leg and wanted to know what her Twitter followers were reading. She decided to ask and, since it happened to be a Friday, asked “What are you reading today?” followed by the hashtag #fridayreads . Over the course of Fall 2010, FridayReads grew until it reached 5,000 participants in December. Since then, FridayReads has grown into an international phenomenon with up to 10,000 readers participating weekly. FridayReads started simply as something to pass the time, but it has become a community that promotes literacy and a passion for reading. Every week, we feature giveaways, bookish news and links, and information about FridayReads.

In March 2011, as FridayReads continued to grow, Patrick and her agent, Erin Cox, decided to approach publishers about sponsoring paid, promoted giveaways each week for the community.* They have worked with many different publishers, imprints, and presses in the past nine months, on giveaways and also on “Twitter Book Tours,” which are live, hosted chats with authors for which publishers also pay. If you would like more information about the rates for these services and/or how hey are conducted, please visit http://fridayreads.com/.