In Submission

January 28th, 2010

I’m not going to go on about this too long or give too many details, but for the first time I am experiencing that unique pre-authorial state known as “being in sub,” meaning that my book proposal is “in submission” with editors. Yes, editors are reading my deathless prose, and I am near death. 

Not really! Haha! Not at all! I’m just fine, thankyouverymuch. These Things Take A While. 

Well, actually, they do. There are many reasons why being “in sub” can drag on, and I’ve only been in sub for a short time (longer than a day, less than a week, seems like a decade…). I have miles to go before I sleep — or get that kind of happy telephone call that agents love to make. (Lalalalalal, can’t even hear you when you mention the alternative!)

I’m making a concerted effort to sit on my hands and not call my long-suffering agent, who in the few months we’ve been working together has no doubt experienced her first very premature gray hairs. Fortunately, I have a few supportive author and publishing pals who have proffered virtual hot-water bottles, and one of them was this wonderful blog entry from YA author Kiersten White. It answered a few questions for me but mainly made me feel less nervous and alone.

Maybe it will do the same for you if you, like me, are fortunate enough to be in this position. It’s anxiety-producing, but isn’t this the kind of anxiety we writers have always wanted?

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