VA Book 2010: The Review Revue?

March 8th, 2010

I’ve used today’s subject line as a blog feature before, but I’ve always wished it could be used for an actual event somewhere. Why not get a bunch of book reviewers together and make it musicale-ish?

OK, OK, I kid. Very few critics can carry a tune, let alone sing and dance at the same time. My point is, we need to get critics talking more often if we want to keep the art of book reviewing alive in these challenging times for literature and reading. That’s why panels like “The Business of Book Reviewing” are a good thing. 

Some of you (critics and others) might disagree. You might think that critics should be busy reading and thinking and writing, not chit-chatting. You might think that none of this matters, anyway (although in that case you probably aren’t reading this). 

I believe that the craft of book reviewing needs to engage in professional dialogue if it is to remain relevant to the public discourse. What do YOU think? I’d love to hear from you — and I hope that if you make it to this panel during VA Book 2010 that I get to speak with you in person.


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