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Required Reading

Monday, February 28th, 2011

Every Monday, we’ll post a round up of links of industry news, book reviews and more. For more information about the categories, click here.

Let’s Talk About Me – If you’re visiting this blog you probably know all about how Twitter can connect readers, but Publishing Perspectives has an article that is a good round up of all the different Twitter book memes, including #fridayreads.

Friends of Bethanne – I Went to TOC, and All You Got Was this Round-Up at Booksquare – Kassia Krozser has a post all about what happened at the Tools of Change for Publishing Conference. It’s thoughtful, detailed and well worth a read.

Save Publishing – Towards a New Model of Ebook Circ in Libraries at EarlyWord – HarperCollins surprised everyone when they announced their new policy regarding libraries and eBooks – 26 lends and then the library will be forced to repurchase the license. Of course, is that policy better than the others at places like Macmillan who isn’t even offering eBook lending? Earlyword’s article gives information and advice on interacting with publishers about this very question.

Review Revue – Townie by Andre Dubus III Review at NYT and I Think I Love You by Allison Pearson at The  Washington Post – These reviews are written by two of my favorite authors: Darcey Steinke author of Easter Everywhere and Elinor Lipman, author of The Family Man.

Culture Vulture – Ken Burns on Public Broadcasting at The Washington Post – Politics aside, what would this world be without public media? Some people in Congress believe it would be okay, but please, let’s listen to the Washington Post’s opposing view. Like libraries, nothing needs funding more than public media in times of need.